Observations: The New Jim Crow

“…statistical studies are not considered important because there is not a person saying ‘I am racist.’ The entire system is racist.” -Jesse Yelvington

A majority of Americans seem to believe that we truly do live in a post-racial society. They mock when BlackLivesMatter or other movements suggest that racial discrimination is still prevalent (or, in an interesting twist, they dare suggest that BlackLivesMatter is a racist movement because don’t All lives matter?). And though in our public sphere we no longer have the blatantly obvious signs of racism — after all, when was the last time you saw a sign that says “Whites Only. No Colored”? — behind closed doors, the systematic discrimination of people of color continues.

The statistics given in The New Jim Crow speak for themselves. If white people make up a majority of drug users and traffickers, why would they make up the minority of incarcerated persons? The racial bias still exists, and in our current social climate it is becoming continually evident. When Rapist Brock Turner was arrested, media outlets hailed him as a misguided college athlete who made a mistake. Ryan Lotche vandalized a gas station and committed perjury while abroad representing America in the Olympics. Donald Trump continually calls for the deportation and persecution of entire races and is currently a presidential front runner.

And yet, an outraged public calls for America to boycott the NFL because Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem and several other athletes have taken a knee in solidarity. Kaepernick’s protest is “disgraceful” and people are claiming that he’s just a football player and shouldn’t be protesting in the first place. And yet, anything more (a march, protest, or sit-in), would be labeled a “violent riot” filled with “thugs” and “looting.”

But no, America is “colorblind.”


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