Richard Ross Workshop

Richard Ross was a pleasure to have in class. He’s an amazing artistic presence and was just a wonderful and emotionally honest person.

For the photography portion, I was able to get some technical questions answered about how to work my camera. My best work in my personal photography has always been macro shots, but I have been struggling to focus on an object while also blurring the background. I knew I need to adjust the aperture but I could not figure out how to do that without losing the ability to focus in general. I was grateful for the technical instruction on how to adjust that on my camera.

But then I had another problem where I couldn’t work with shutter speed without the image being washed out with light. I still struggle with this particular skill but I now at least know what the cause is.

Now for the photos:_mg_3024_mg_3027

Since Macro is my preferred style I most proud of the above two shots, particularly the rock one. The berries one didn’t come out quite as I intended since the berries in focus were still lost in the matching blurred red.


This was the only shot I took where I adjusted the shutter speed and it came out somewhat okay. Not the best, but definitely not the worst.


Looking back through my photos I realized I didn’t take many wide shots. This one (which I’m pretty sure was just a shot for me to test out my camera) was one of two and the only one I mildly liked.

I also am an awful person and forgot to email Danielle her photos and lost her email address. The above four were the shots she took on my camera and I would still like her to receive credit even if I’m an awful person.


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