Interview with my CO Uncle

I went into this interview with just a general set of questions to get the conversation going. I figured it would just be causal, just talking with my uncle about his work experience.

Of course, that didn’t work out. Since my Uncle lives about 45 minutes out of town and I had no free time to go visit, we had to conduct the interview over Facetime with plans to meet up in person later for photos. The interview barely lasted 20 minutes with half of those minutes being consumed in “can you hear me? You’re frozen. I think there’s something wrong with my service. Can you repeat that? What did you say?” I did get some really great quotes for the project but overall it was a largely ineffective and frustrating conversation. My plan of just asking about his job experience and letting the conversation take off from there didn’t always work because we’d be caught up in having to repeat ourselves and our questions, making the conversation very strained rather than being as familial and relaxed as I had hoped.


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