Blog 1 – First Impressions

I was one of the group members that was unable to make it to the tour of our destination. Because of this, I ended up completely lost and confused when I arrived at Desert Hills for our first session. My inability to find the front door led me to wander around the perimeter of the facility before someone noticed me and sent me to the front door.

The facility from the outside appears to be just an average school with large grey-brick buildings with blue accents and a play ground in the center. The only thing that marked it as different (from the outside) was the large fence surrounding the complex.

The inside tells a different story. The “front door” is actually two that require key card access or for someone to buzz you in. The waiting room and small and congested with furniture, with large windows giving the illusion of space. After signing in, we were buzzed through another door, where we waiting in a narrow hallway to be buzzed through one more door. After that we were led down yet another narrow hallway painted beige and seeming like a labyrinth of unmarked doors. Before evening meeting the students, I had the impression that what ever I had expected should be thrown out the window. The treatment center I was standing in didn’t have the “hospital” or even “medical center” feel I was expecting and it didn’t even mirror a high school in the way that the outside would suggest.  I was already nervous about the idea of teaching and my nerves became even more on edge at realizing I had absolutely no idea what I was walking into. I think my unease was clearly visible as I stumbled through our class, which did not go anywhere near as planned.


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