Blog 3 – Problems

Our group was confronted with quite a few problems when working with the girls, most of which carried on into the 2nd session. The biggest one seemed to be the students didn’t want to work together and had trouble listening to and obeying instructions. When confronted with a relatively minor problem with one of their peers, the girls would lash out at each other, ignoring our rules of respecting and being kind to one and other. Their disrespect seemed to stem from not only their own internal behavioral issues but also from a lack of discipline from their guardians.

During our first class we had about five guardians watching over the girls each of which did not seem particularly interested in what our group was doing or looking out for when the students are misbehaving or experiencing triggers and/or anxiety. A few facilitators even seemed to encourage disruption by echoing bored sentiments and being on their phones during activities.

The second class went a bit better in this area as we only had two guardians in the room. However, yet again, the two seemed to encourage disruption and did not tend to the students when they were misbehaving or experiencing triggers and anxiety. I watched as one student began to fidget and grow quiet as her anxiety began taking over and the guardians did nothing. I was unaware of whether it was my place to step in and talk with her one-on-one and so she went unattended.

We were also able to pinpoint which students were particularly problematic and most adept at causing disruptions but were still unsure about how to handle them.


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