Blog 4 – Attempted Solutions

In our second class we introduced the “lobo” hand gesture as our refocusing item and “silencer.” We told the students in the beginning of class that when we bring out Lobo Louie it is time to be quiet and refocus. However, a problem came up when we held up the lobo and the students would follow and make the gesture as well, but they would not always quiet down or refocus. The would hold up the lobo sort of absentmindedly while continuing on with their conversation or argument. Then again, one of the group’s guardians would encourage disruption by doing the same thing in raising the lobo but continuing the conversation. We continued to bring in Lobo Louie whenever we felt the group was getting particularly out of hand but it did little to the effect of getting the group to quiet down.

We also brought in another gesture in an attempt to remind students to be respectful of each other. We went over our five finger rules again and made a point to remind students to “remember their fingers” meaning remember the rules. However we lost control of the middle finger (respect) and in an attempt to remind them to respect each other we would lightly tug on our middle fingers, but this backfired. At one point, two students got in an argument and flipped each other off. We told them to remember their fingers and made the gesture to remind them, however that became the students’ new method of flipping each other off.

Our attempts at changing up icebreakers in order to avoid as much physical contact as we could and keeping the energy high but positive seemed to work out fairly well. We played “Two Truths and a Lie” and while students did seem to enjoy the game they seemed more focused in arguing and talking more than focusing on what the point of the game was. We made progress in getting more students to actively participate but wanted to work further towards getting them to participate positively.


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