Blog 6 – Heartbroken

Since our breakthrough at our last session, we’ve noticed a dramatic change in the way the girls speak and interact with us. During our meeting this week, the girls spoke of how excited they were to see us again and how they had waited throughout the week for us to come back. One of our quieter students even came up and told me how she and her friend couldn’t wait for us to come back. This was all wonderful — knowing the girls wanted us there and wanted to spend time with us was something I hadn’t expected and really touched me. But it also broke my heart.

We let the girls know that we would be missing next week for spring break, and one of our younger students became really glum and quiet.

“Of course,” she said. “Why would you want to hang out with us when you could be out having fun?”

In an attempt to comfort her I laughed and said, “I would much rather be here, but I’ll be spending spring break working every day from 8 to 6 and typing up paper after paper.”

She was reassured by my suffering. I believe she had assumed that we weren’t just taking a break from school, but a break from them. After they had all shared how much they loved hanging out with us, it might have seemed like we were abandoning them. I wanted to make sure they knew that we loved working with them too.

This just made everything harder. With all of them telling us how much they loved working with us and how excited they are to see us again, it seemed wrong to tell them that are class after spring break would be our last. There is still so much we want to do with them, now that we know what they enjoy, and it seems wrong to leave them since we’ve finally seemed to develop a bond. I don’t want to leave them.


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